DJ Temmy aka Artjom Parkhomenko is a well known DJ and producer in Germany and Netherlands. He was born in the Ukraine and moved to Germany when he was 16.
Music always played an essential role in Artjoms life: At the age of 12 Artjom started playing the saxophone. Some years later he taught himself to play the guitar.
During Highschool Artjom began to get involved in organizing parties and djing. That is where he first got in contact with electronic dance music.
Today DJ Temmy lives in Hannover and plays in clubs like Escape (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Panama (Amsterdam, Netherlands), The Penthouse (Den Haag, Netherlands). Furthermore he is resident DJ at the Phoenix Club (Hannover, Germany), De Luxe (Erfurt, Germany) as well as at Russian Lovers label in Netherlands. His DJ-Sets are broadcasted in the radio Kiss FM Ukraine, the biggest dance radio station in Europe.
Numerous references in Ukraine, Germany and Netherlands confirm Temmys long-term experience.
Most of all Temmy loves to rock the crowd with his music. His DJ-Sets are powerful, consist of beautiful and melodic tracks that make the dance floor explode. Temmy's perfectly balanced mixes of House, Deep House, Club House and EDM leave nothing to be desired.


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